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Advantage No. 1 of a US corporation: Anonymity

Posted on Sep 28 by

A US corporation guarantees you anonymity There are many good reasons why founders of a US corporation want to remain anonymous. In the US states which we recommend, you can remain completely anonymous as the owner of a corporation! The management of the corporation is guaranteed despite your anonymity. Only the directors and officers (president, vice president, secretary/treasurer) are…

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Advantage No. 2 of a US corporation:
 Tax reductions

Posted on Sep 29 by

A US corporation helps you minimise taxes and reduce your tax burden. Do you think you are paying too many taxes? Then you will certainly be interested in the possibilities for reducing your taxes offered by a US corporation. It is not commonly known that the United States has practically become a tax haven for foreigners. The federal corporate income tax for active corporations…

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Advantage No. 3 of a US corporation:

Posted on Oct 1 by

With a US corporation, you have the entire US capital market at your disposal. 1. Capitalization by bank credits Due to the high number of financial institutions, the pressure of competition is high and the lending conditions are therefore very favourable. In addition, there are numerous government-funded loan programs which you can access as the owner of a US corporation. We will advise you comprehensively regarding…

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