In accordance with various treaties between the USA and western European countries, corporations from the treaty countries must be mutually recognized.

We won’t bore you with the text of over twenty treaties because of their similarity to the German-American Friendship, Trade, and Shipping Act of October 29, 1954, which states the following:

„The legal status of U.S. companies that are established in accordance with the laws and regulations of one of the contracting parties and qualify as companies of this contracting party, is recognized in the territory of the other contracting party“ (Bundesgesetzblatt II (1956), pp. 487-500).

Furthermore, in the de la Hague treaty of October 5, 1961, the USA and all western European countries agreed on the recognition of official documents accompanied by an apostille issued by the appropriate state authority. Therefore, the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation (or Certificate of Good Standing) of a U.S. corporation must be recognized in Europe, even in tightly regulated Germany (Bundesgesetzblatt II (1965), page 875). Thus, your U.S. corporation (just as any domestic company) can be legally registered in any treaty country. Nevertheless, since a U.S. corporation is unrestricted in its area of operation, a registration in Europe may not be necessary and might even be undesirable. If you are primarily concerned with income tax reduction, it might be better if you did not appear as the official owner, but rather as the agent or business partner of the corporation. We could appoint you the ‘Assistant Vice president of European Operations,’ a position which does not need to be registered officially in the U.S. Yet, with a notarized power of attorney, provided by us, you would have full authority to run your corporation.

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